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Single Module HHO Cell

Single Module HHO Cell

single module hho cellSingle Module BLULAB HHO Cell

The Single Module BLULAB HHO Cell is a oxyhydrogen ionic generator composed of various as yet undivulged technologies, designed and built exclusively in Italy, this system can produce hydrogen and oxygen (oxyhydrogen or HHO) by water electrolysis using the same power as required to light a bulb, the implosive gas is ionized and delivered through a special vaporising nozzle. In contrast to the currently available electrolysers which use caustic soda or potassium carbonate as electrolyte, our oxyhydrogen cell uses distilled or rain water to make the fuel, without any electrolyte at all, to produce very high potential energy gas that is free from toxins or erosive vapours which can systematically damage the mechanical parts; BLULAB HHO Cell’s design and architecture, applied to vacuum flow and motion offers the greatest security and trustworthiness of the device and prevents lingering and ignition of flammable gases within the cell.

The BLULAB HHO Cell system is composed of a new concept cylindrical electrolyser, whose complete dimensions are 17cm high and 10cm wide, the cathode and anode are the cylindrical spiral plates of a supercapacitor in hi quality titanium optimized with a special life-extending treatment.

Technical characteristics

BLULAB HHO Cell singole module dimensions: 170mm * Ø 100mm
Cell operating voltage: 2/12 Volt DC
Circuit control operating voltage acept: 12/24 Volt DC
Current draw: 2/25 Amps
HHO Production approx: 2.0 LPM @ 15A (car installed)
Operating temperature -10°~70°