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What is the Brown’s Gas?

What is the Brown’s Gas?

Brown’s Gas, according to a current theory, is a mixture of monatomic and diatomic hydrogen and oxygen and a special form of water called Electrically Expanded Water (EEW) or Santilli Magnecules.

Brown’s Gas is produced by a similar design of the electrolyzer that will split water into its various components. Browns gas has a plethora of unusual characteristics that seem to defy current chemistry. It has a cool flame about 130 degrees yet is able to melt steel, brick andmany other metals.

George Wiseman defines Brown’s Gas as:

The entire mixture of gasses evolving from an electrolyzer specifically designed to electrolyze water and not separate the resulting gasses.

So Brown’s Gas is not only made ​​up of ‘normal’ hydrogen and oxygen, but a new form of water vapor excited yet almost unknown.

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What exactly is it the Browns Gas